Welcome to my webpage. Please feel free to click on the links below to listen to my demos.


"Introduction"  - The idea with this piece was to evoke a creepy, forboding kind of tone...very ominous. Strings and horns are present, with me playing an Indonesian drum

"Empires Within Empires"  - This is a short, simple piece done with string quartet, it's intended to invoke a an ancient, folkish feel

"The March Of Technology" - A 10-piece with strings, brass and woodwinds. It accompanies a documentary scene showing the stages of technology throughout the years.

"The Dream Of Nebuchadnezzar" - Showcasing the strings and woodwind, this is a 3/4 tune using sus chords to lend it a dreamlike feel

"The Edicts Of Diocletian" - This tune relies heavily on harmonic minor chord structures to give it a dark tone. Also uses rhythm for a slightly more militaristic effect

 Commercial Fare

"The St. James Infirmary" - A minor blues with a shuffle feel, featuring the vocals of John Peel

"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)" - Everyone's favourite Coke jingle!

"Chime" - Written to accompany a commercial for a local martial arts school. Uses indonesian drum, 8-string bass, and guitar harmonics for a somewhat exotic sound.

"Deceit" - A long synth piece intended for use with a local documentary, evokes a sci-fi kind of feel

"When I Fly" - an original tune written for a songwriting contest. Vocals by Lisa Triggs.

"Time For A Kiss" - also written for the songwriting contest, this is more of a jazz-based number with some basic rhythm section accompaniment.

"Harlequin Hero" - originally composed by someone else, I was asked to do a rearrangement of the song, which included writing a melody for the verses and giving it a new intro.

"One For My Baby (One More For The Road)" - Just close your eyes and you can smell the gin and regrets.

"Wandering Stars" - A version of the Portishead song, complete with horn section and stuff.

"Theme From Dr. Who" - A somewhat heavier take on theme to Dr. Who

"Circuitous" - My lame attempt at a techno piece, made for a friend's video project.